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Well, you have just bought a laptop. You switch it on and want to know how to use it. Yes, the functionality is same as on your desktop computer. If you have used a desktop PC before, you may not be much uncomfortable with a few issues.

Here are the steps you will need to follow to get used to the new laptop

1. Falling in love with your laptop

Get to know your new laptop to the best of its features. Go through the instruction manual carefully. If you are a student, it is of utmost importance to notice that the laptop has enormous capabilities.

You need to make sure that it occupies a proper place in your day to day activities. Getting too obsessed with the device may do more harm to your studies than benefit it.

2. Install the software that you need

Install all the software you need in one go. It will help you save the time you may have to waste searching for a program that you need when you need it urgently.

Here is a checklist of what you may need

Drivers These are what you need to run your laptop effectively. All the hardware that you connect to your laptop needs the driver software to run it. Please note that even the built-in components on your laptop require drivers. You can download the drivers from the manufacturer website. You can take help from hp Service Center for any issues you may face.


This is in fact, one of the urgently needed tool if you do not want to run into issues with your laptop in the future. You can choose either a free or premium anti-virus solution depending on your exact requirements.
Media Player(s)

You will definitely be using your laptop for viewing videos and images. Students can use it for presentations or check the lectures. A good media player is a much required necessity. We would advise you to install VLC Media player.
PDF Readers

Much of the documents in todays world would be in the form of PDF files. A good PDF reader can be the need of the hour. Adobe PDF reader is a good option from that point of view. Some laptops come with preinstalled PDF readers/ creators. You can decide to use the same, or choose to opt for a better one if needed.


the Internet is what drives the world these days. Your laptop needs to have a good browser that is capable of advanced features. The operating system you choose comes with its own browser. However, we would choose to go for Google Chrome, as it offers you both flexibility and functionality. Mac users can opt for Safari.

Microsoft Office

We do not think we even need to mention this piece of software. The entire world is dependent on MS Office for any sort of documents. There are other alternatives like Open Office though.

3 Check your needs for display settings

The resolution and other display details would be preset on most of the laptops. However, the settings may not be suitable for your needs.
The preset settings may be too small, or too large and thus may not suit your requirements. You can change it to your satisfaction by going into the settings for the display. You can scale it up to 150, or you can choose it to 100. The exact settings will depend upon your preferences.

4 Remove any bloatware

Your new laptop comes with a host of preinstalled software. Most of it may not be needed for you. You can uninstall the applications you would not need.

Just like your smartphone has a lot of preinstalled bloatware, so does your laptop. The manufacturer might have added a few tools that you practically do not need. Laptops in comparison to smartphones have an advantage. You can remove the tools you do not need. It may have the demo versions of a huge list apps you would not purchase at all. There may be a few games with in-app purchased that you are not interested at all. Just go into the appropriate settings and remove the unneeded software. Please remember that the apps whether you use them or not do consume your resources.

5. Install all the Updates

The operating system keeps updating your system quite often. If you want your system to work effectively, it would be advisable to install all the updates.

The updates are meant to improve the functionality of the operating system. You can either choose to install them automatically or install the updates manually.

In Conclusion

Well, those are a few things you are expected to do as soon as you land your hands on your brand new laptop. Ensure that you are not installing any apps from the sources that are not trustworthy. Try installing the apps only from the official sources. We hope that the tips featured above would be helpful in maintaining the health of your laptop for a better period of time. If, in any case, you have issues you can always contact your nearest hp Laptop Repair Center for any issues you may face.

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